Lydia Ortiz-Nixon: Owner/Breeder

Lydia Ortiz-Nixon has been a Munchkin cat Breeder since 2000.  She first became interested in Munchkins when her son’s girlfriend was looking for one.  She soon fell in love with the breed and decided to become a Breeder herself.  Lydia is a member of The International Cat Association (TICA) and is currently working with a handful of other Breeders to develop the Genetta breed.

We take great care in choosing which cats to breed.  Color, personality, health, and lineage are all very important to us.  Several of our cats come from award-winning Sires and Dams.

“I’m also very proud to say that we are Military Friendly.  Active Duty, Veteran, or Retired…

we are happy to help you find the best fit for your family.”


Our cattery is cleaned daily and we maintain a comfortable space for them to live and play in.  Kittens are socialized and have their own “nursery” to grow up in.  They receive their first set of shots and vet check at Highway 29 Veterinary Hospital before going to their fur-ever family.  Shot records are available and a copy is given to customers before their kitten goes home with them.

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