What is a Munchkin?


"When you see the Munchkin moving at high speed, cornering around your dining room table, you immediately drop any preconception that this is a slow or laid-back cat."

Instead, he’s an energetic extrovert, ready and willing to play with kids, other cats, and friendly dogs.  And don’t think his short legs preclude him from jumping on your furniture.  He might not go as high as other cats, at least not in one leap, but he gets there eventually.

The Munchkin is a small to medium-sized cat weighing 5 to 9 pounds.  Other than his short legs, he resembles any other cat, with a short or long coat, either of which can be just about any color or pattern.

No matter what your eyes may tell you, the Munchkin is not a cross between a Dachshund and a cat.  The dwarfed appearance of the low-riding feline is the result of a spontaneous natural mutation.  Energetic and playful, the Munchkin might be short on height, but he’s long on fun.

When referring to cats with the Munchkin genes, a cat with short legs is called Standard, and a cat with long legs is called Non-Standard.

The Munchkin is well suited to any home with people who will love him and care for him. Keep him indoors to protect him from cars, diseases spread by other cats, and attacks from other animals and he can live 13 years or longer.

Did You Know?
Munchkins are sometimes called magpies because they love shiny things and will often stow them away for a later date.  Hide your valuables from this kitty.

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