What is the Deposit amount?

A $300. deposit is required to reserve your kitten or cat.  This will then initiate a Purchase Contract Agreement.  If you would like to read more about this process, please take a look at our Reservations & Deposits page.  Pricing for our kittens typically ranges between $1200. - $1500. On average.  Some are priced higher or lower based on age, coloring, markings, temperament, and bloodlines.

What does the Shipping charge cover?

For the safety of animals, we fly within the Continental USA via climate controlled airlines that have Pet-Safe programs.  Shipping charges include the cost of the airline approved crate, supplies for the crate, food for their trip, a Health Certificate from our Vet before flying, transportation to the Austin, TX airport (an hour and a half drive), and the airfare itself.  Please note that airlines also have age and weight requirements before kittens can travel.  This may require the kitten to stay with us at our cattery until they meet these requirements.  We do not ship Internationally at this time.

What do the terms Standard and Non-Standard mean?

"Standard" means they have short legs and meet the "Standard" for the breed, i.e. Munchkin,

"Non-Standard" means they have longer legs,

When do you know the gender?

When kittens are young, it can be very difficult to be certain what the gender is.  To avoid surprises, we typically wait until their first exam with our Vet and let them tell us what the gender is.  This is usually between 4 and 8 weeks old depending on their weight and size.

Do you ship overseas?

For the safety of the kittens, they are required to be at least one pound before they are able to receive their shots from the Vet.  We do not give vaccinations ourselves.  We leave that to the professionals.

Do you offer Breeding Rights?

Yes, we do offer Breeding Rights on some of our cats and kittens, for an additional fee and agreement.  If you are interested in Breeding Rights, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can give you the most accurate quote.